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Welcome To XPS Panels

XPS is an Extraordinary Product

We manufacture and supply XPS Panels in a number of different formats, suitable for the most technically challenging construction applications.

About Our  Company

XPS Panels are dedicated to the improvement of residential and commercial structures, through the manufacture and supply of high quality building material.
We are based in Larnaca and have a technical team on hand to answer any product queries or design requests.   


Services Provided

XPS Panels provides a wide range of bespoke and standard XPS products.  We do this through the correct technical advice, accurate design, quality manufacture and swift delivery.

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Technical Advice




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What We Offer

XPS Panels

XPS solid extruded polystyrene construction panels have a sandwich structure and consist of expanded polystyrene foam and an outer reinforcing layer, which gives the product additional strength.

XPS - SML Sandwich

XPS - SML is designed for the rapid construction of capital partitions and high-class structures with excellent insulating properties in the premises of any purpose.
By its structure, the block is a sandwich panel consisting of 2 outer layers of SML * 6 (a premium class A glass-magnesite sheet), 10 or 12 mm thick, filled with extruded polystyrene 30 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm thick, or 100 mm

XPS Water Panels

XPS Water Panels is a substrate for all types of systems "Warm floor"

To preserve heat, prevent it from leaving the screed, and to direct heat energy strictly upwards, a substrate is used under the heated floor.
Insulation allows you keep the heat in the room, increases the efficiency of the floor heating system and prevents heat loss in winter periods.


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Larnaca, Cyprus